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To: Home office



We want justice, we want Equal rights as our fore fathers, fathers, brothers fought and died for this country, earned a fearsome name GURKHA. But we do have feelings, we are human beings, we do have family and we want justice and equal rights, equal compensation equal pensions.

Why is this important?

For last more than 200 years Gurkha’s have laid down their lives protecting, loving and serving The Queen and the country without any hesitation or fear. We have earned the name fearless fighter throughout the WW1 & WW2. Countless lives have been lost and families torn apart. Heroes were born during the wars and countless medals, trophies and even the highest Medal of Honor “Victoria Cross” have been awarded to the Gurkhas. But, on this very sad day all we are asking is our human rights, equality and justice.

Reasons for signing

  • does anyone need to know why anyone would want to sign this?


2021-08-06 00:21:36 +0100

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