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To: Carwyn Jones AM, first minister of Wales and Government

Halt the Dumping of Hinkley Mud in the Severn Estuary

Halt the Dumping of Hinkley Mud in the Severn Estuary

We call on you to suspend the license to dump mud and clays from Hinkley Point in the Severn Estuary.

Why is this important?

Your ministers have failed to meet your duties on safeguarding our marine environment (UK Marine Act) and to comply with the international agreements (OSPAR, London anti-dumping Convention) on assessment of effects upon human health and marine flora and fauna. The mud was insufficiently tested at depth, with only 5 compared with the minimum 7 under OSPAR for the 300 000 tonnes. The Senedd Petitions Committee was right to ask for further testing and NRW wrong to refuse it, as the few deeper samples show up to 3 times more uranium and radium. The data are reproduced at
There was no testing for radioactively "hot" microparticles, as found near other nuclear reactor sites, which would be serious if inhaled or ingested. The testing for toxic heavy metals found abundances above "Action Level 1". Especially as the dumping ground is in the Severn Estuary SAC (Special Area of Conservation), it was essential for the harm to wildlife to be assessed and mitigated or avoided.
This mud will deposit on mud-flats in the Estuary and up its tidal rivers, blow ashore as dust when drying out, or blow ashore from micro-spray generated by white-water bubbles, so contaminating food-growing sites and gardens. No-one knows how much of a problem this could be - a precautionary approach must be taken while it is studied.


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Reasons for signing

  • Is it enough that we get social problems dumped on us in areas like Rhyl, we now have to take the rest of the waste from them.
  • We should not be a dumping ground for this. The government should be doing more, if this is allowed now what next?
  • Because Wales is not a dumping ground for private companies (overseas owned as well) and the Welsh government should have more pride and care. Really, could you imagine 320000 tonnes of sludge from Windscale being slung off the shore of Glasgow and Nicola Sturgeon doing Nothing? How are Barry, Portcawl and Penarth supposed to sustain tourist industries when enormous amounts of sludge, radioactive or not, are literally sluiced all over the shores.


2018-09-17 23:53:08 +0100

The Injunction application opened today (17 Sept) at the High Court in Cardiff to a vigorous demonstration.
The judge adjourned for 7 days as NNB GenCo's (EdF) lawyer changed their defence to claim the EIA for the new Hinkley Point Nuclear Power station covers dumping in Welsh waters. The judge gave them 7 days to show that from the 2000-page EIA on the development in England.
Protesters are optimistic that the company is on a loser. The Hinkley Point EIA did not cover dumping in the Welsh part of the Severn Estuary, whose Special Area of Conservation makes EIA obligatory. Moreover, an EIA for a project in Wales has to be advertised in Wales and subject to consultation by the Welsh public, which the nuclear station's EIA was not.
As the claimant couldn’t put up a bond for costs for if his application for an interim injunction failed (pending full hearing of the case). So the injunction could not be granted immediately.

2018-09-15 15:51:05 +0100

10,000 signatures reached

2018-09-08 16:41:27 +0100

The NRW has refused the latest call to suspend the license, with specific detail on the failure to comply with rules and procedures:
The Campaign-against-Hinkley-mud-dumping has legal advice this unsatisfactory reply allows a challenge to the 2014/2018 license; the legal papers are being prepared for submission to the High Court.
A crowd-funder appeal has been very successful, raising sufficient money within the first week to initiate the legal action
The dumping has been delayed, but is expected to start next week for 3 to 6 months Various initiatives, including boat-based, to signal continuing resistance to the dumping of 2000 tonnes per day, by the huge dredger-cum-cargo boat (91metre length, football field sized) MV Sloeber.
Do keep the Petition rolling!

2018-09-04 16:31:34 +0100

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2018-08-25 11:16:27 +0100

Protest on Monday, Bank Holiday @12.00 at the Senedd, Cardiff Bay.
chaired by Barry mayor Nic Hodges, plus Jill Evans MEP, Neil McEvoy AM etc.
Spotlight on the NRW who can't/won't answer why they didn't follow international OSPAR guidelines to require adequate sampling and testing of the deeper mud that their license includes (see Western Mail + SW Echo 23 Aug "Protest Planned over 'toxic' mud").
NRW could only allege that we "selectively quote from official documents" !
NRW is unfit-for-purpose in this, the Welsh Government must step in.

2018-08-20 10:03:58 +0100

The main answers to critics including ex-nuclear workers are given on Facebook ‘Halt the Dumping of Hinkley Mud in the Severn Estuary’
Our Petition is not concerned with the new-build nuclear plant at Hinkley Point, but the contamination from discharges of the existing B-plant and the closed Hinkley-A plant. Greenpeace etc. misleadingly use our issue to condemn the new-build.
The mud is of course “radioactive”, with higher levels of nuclear decay products than on our beaches and in the open sea. There’s more radium and other nuclear products deeper down, but not assessed properly.
The deep mud is not being moved from the seabed at Hinkley to the seabed in the Cardiff Grounds. Like normal dredgings dumped there, it will add to the suspended mud and deposit gradually on beaches, saltmarsh and mudflats (including mud banks of the tidal river Rhymney etc.) or reach land in blown micro-spray and dust.

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