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To: Brighton and Hove City Council,The Dome

Hands off Brighton's Pavilion Gardens, please

Please rethink the radical changes planned for the Pavilion Gardens and Cafe. Think about the true intentions behind the proposals and how these will negatively affect Brighton's inhabitants.

Why is this important?

These proposals are a callous and cynical attempt to radically change the green heart of Brighton, an area dearly loved by all

Firstly I don't think John Nash envisaged a cafe just off New Road so forget the 'return to the Regency' feeble attempt to win us over.
Secondly the proposals seem to be concentrated in the area at the back of the Pavilion between the Corn Exchange, Museum and New Road which is the area most lucrative for both the Pavilion and the Museum. The Pavilion Cafe within the grounds is due to be demolished. The Cafe is privately owned and since the 1920's has provided tea and cakes for grateful walkers,strollers and families etc , My grandson had his first encounter with one of their fearsome rock cakes in 2001 almost bigger than he, a healthy option!.The Pavilion Cafe is up to be demolished and for what,?So that another cafe can be built there

Thirdly Do the plans involve the area to the front of the Pavilion, which are underused and have no immediate or apparent fiscal value at the moment.

Finally , but I'm sure there will be others if this petition is supported . It seems to me that this is a selfish and money making proposal, entered into without any regard for the people of Brighton. I did complete the survey created by BHCC,I was stopped by a council worker as I strolled through the gardens , he told me that this wasn't really his job, he just worked as a general handyman,but that he and his colleagues had been told by BHCC that this is what they would be doing that morning. I'm not sure that this survey was conducted with any real intentions of gathering information and whether the information gathered covers a broad enough spectrum of the population to have any value.

Brighton, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Heritage before beauty
  • good cause!
  • Like everything else its all about money.


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