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To: Welsh Assembly

Improve Mental Health Services in North Wales

Improve Mental Health Services in North Wales

There is a severe lack of support for people in the North Wales community suffering Mental Health Issues. Waiting lists are very long and the services offered are minimal. There is a huge division between North and South Wales. There needs to be more provision of additional support such as psychological therapies available. The situation is leaving those in need reaching crisis point as the support needs to be in place in the early stages. The long wait times and lack of coordination between CMHT and GP services leaves patients having to constantly ask or chase up the help they need, this of course only serves to make their condition worse. This matter needs addressing urgently especially in the current situation.

Why is this important?

Many people are left to suffer in silence or tire of having to work to get the help they need to the point where they relent and stop asking for support this in turn could ultimately lead to further problems.
Mental health problems are at an all time high as are suicide rates, so many lives which could be saved with the correct support.

North Wales, UK

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