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To: Mid Devon District Council

Infrastructure must come first, the spine road must come first

Infrastructure must come first, the spine road must come first

We the undersigned residents of Cullompton call on Mid Devon District Council along with the landowners and developers of the Cullompton Northwest Extension to demand that the Northwest Extension must adhere to The Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan, and in particular policy SD01

Policy SD01
“Traffic Impact of Major Development Proposals for major development which are required to provide a Traffic Impact Assessment must demonstrate how the proposal will mitigate any negative impacts of the traffic generation associated with the proposed development on Cullompton town centre, including vehicular access/egress and circulation arrangements. Road infrastructure requirements should be in place in good time so as to prevent an unacceptable impact on the existing road network, and the town centre in particular, as a result of the development.”

We demand that the spine road linking Willand Road, and Tiverton Road be opened before ANY housebuilding commences and that ALL construction traffic access the entire Northwest development from the Northern access point on Willand Road (adjacent to Rull Lane) via Millennium Way.

Why is this important?

Mid Devon District Council, the landowners and developers of the Cullompton Northwest extension have chosen to completely ignore representations regarding the Northwest development made by the Town Council over many years, and in particular the timing of the full Spine Road and the impact that a late delivery will have on the Town and its residents (both existing and those that will move into the new homes).
As a Town Councillor I have repeatedly made the thoughts of residents clear; the full spine road linking Rull Lane and Tiverton Road needs to be in place (at the very least for construction traffic) BEFORE any other work starts.
The developer and MDDC have seemingly chosen to ignore this, and the representations made by the Town Council and have no intention of opening a spine road until 140 houses are build (around 3 years!).
This is our chance to speak loudly and clearly - construction traffic must not use High Street / Tiverton Road.
There is an alternative available to the developers; they can lay the spine road running from Rull Lane to Tiverton Road first, and then all construction traffic can bypass the residential area, the pedestrians, the school children, the heritage action zone, and an area already severely congested and area that suffers horrendous air quality.
If we do not speak out now, the disruption in the coming years will be massive.
The plan, as presented, will negatively affect everyone in Cullompton for years to come, we can’t stop the development, and we do need more homes; but not at any cost- Infrastructure must come first, the spine road must come first.

Cullompton EX15, UK

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