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To: Nottinghamshire County Council



Are you fed up of dodging potholes, waiting for that pothole at the end of your street to be filled or tired of seeing yellow circles around potholes that never seem to get fixed? Then sign our petition ↓

Why is this important?

Nottinghamshire County Council recently received £1.8m for potholes from the Government, however, only a mere 13 streets (High St, St. Patricks Rd, Greenwood Ave, Thoresby Dale, Co-Operative Ave, Occupation Rd, Wighay Rd, Albert St, Palmer Ave, Perelthorpe Dr, Polperro Way, The Connery, Titchfield St) in the whole of Hucknall are actually up for repair.

Whilst we are glad to see some of this money spent on the above Hucknall streets, we are calling on Nottinghamshire County Council to spend more of its new-found pothole money on a further number of Hucknall streets, with particular attention to resurfacing:

Beardall Street
Cherry Avenue
Farleys Lane
Papplewick Lane
Shortwood Avenue
Watnall Road
Whyburn Lane
Wigwam Lane
Windmill Grove
Wood Lane
Woodstock Street


Cllr Keir Morrison (Hucknall South)
Cllr Lauren Mitchell (Hucknall South)
Cllr Nicolle Ndiweni (Hucknall Central)
Cllr Lachlan Morrison (Hucknall Central)
Cllr Rachel Bissett (Hucknall North)

Hucknall, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

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Reasons for signing

  • Jack and Paul story and for domestic abuse
  • Because the roads are terrible in Hucknall damaging my suspension and tyres.


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