To: The Prime Minister, Parliament, the Duke of Kent

Justice for All

We are asking for justice for all in every court and every tribunal in the UK; that all are treated fairly and in the same way via the UK justice system. That all have the same entitlement to justice. That there is an end to preferential treatment given in the justice system to some big businesses/organisations, to the upper classes and to freemasons. That freemasonry within the police and justice system is transparent.

Why is this important?

Council tax is being used to pay for injustice and if things do not improve increasing numbers of tax payers will refuse to pay to finance injustice. What will the public say when they know that I paid for a Brexit challenge on 15.7.2016 & that this case has sat in a queue waiting to be allocated to a Court of Appeal Judge for 7+ months? This challenge is not about my not liking the result but because I think that some voters did not have all the information needed to make an educated vote eg in Maidstone. On 17.3.2017 Lord Justice Sales in the Court of Appeal issued an Order saying that my Brexit Challenge citing the grounds for a re-run were the NHS (there is £6.6bn that can back via the Proceeds of Crime Act via Maidstone Police) , Child Protection needing overhauling and the avoidable mass immigration via Kent was "TOTALLY WITHOUT MERIT", moreover he said that because I have issued 3 court applications in 9 years that he will impose a Civil Restraint Order on me if I make any more court applications. Is this the UK's biggest miscarriage of justice? Please see Yolande Kenward's You Tube Maidstone Presentation of 18.6.2016 in support of Justice for All. Some Freemasons should not be able to avoid prosecution for their crimes as being a membership perk. Children should not be adopted or kept in care at public expense because of a fake psychiatric report. We want an end to miscarriages of justice in all our courts:- an end to fake bankruptcies, fake repossessions. We want justice and healing for all medical accident victims, equality in the courts for both Mums & Dads, fair divorces too. We want independent judges.

Reasons for signing

  • Because a large and coordinated effort is required to stop the crooks infesting gov and civil service from inflicting these unlawful treasonous taxes and extortions upon the public
  • This could happen to you.
  • Personal Experience of legal abuse


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