To: Theresa May ..Benefit Reform

Justice for Jodey

Justice for Jodey

Need justice for Jodey Make changes to the laws regarding the benefit process We need the benefits system looking into and make sure no one ever has to suffer the loss of a mum and daughter/grandmother
Son/dad / granddad etc

Why is this important?

Jodey took her own life at the age of 42, She had missed an appointment and they stopped her money, Jodey has 9 children who she doted on but couldnt see a way out of the position she found herself in Crippled by illness and having not a penny to her name.. She isnt the only one who has took her own life This needs to stop ASAP Dont let another person go through what the family of Jodey has and are still is going through !


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Reasons for signing

  • The horror the ruthlessness of the DWP can cause. It acts like a police state towards claimants and treats them like animals
  • I want to see the police involved and high ranking arrests - the evidence is clear, the government is not only incompetent but it's conspiring to pervert the course of justice in Westminster.
  • These despicable creatures and the Tory ministers who oversee their activities should have their incomes removed, and then we'd see the policies change double-quick.


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