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To: Charnwood Borough Council

Keep Biggin Street Public Toilets in Loughborough OPEN

Keep Biggin Street Public Toilets in Loughborough OPEN

To take action and stop Charnwood Borough Council permanently closing the public toilets at Biggin Street, Loughborough.

Why is this important?

The closure would be a disaster for residents, the community and our town of Loughborough. Biggin Street toilets serve everyone and not only those who live here. People have come from all over to visit Loughborough, especially when the market is on twice weekly and hopefully, will do so again soon.

Even in these difficult times not having a facility to use would be awful. People of all ages can get ‘caught out’ needing to ‘spend a penny’. It is not just the older generation we are talking of. Many other groups of people such as the disabled, those with medical conditions, for example chronic kidney disease, young Mums and Dads with children would also be put in a huge predicament if there were no public toilets available.

Residents and visitors have already been saying that they don’t wish to visit the town centre particularly on Market Days now, as the only other toilet in Market Place, would be too busy and not safe.

And why are Charnwood Borough Council thinking of closing the much-used toilets in Biggin Street? Their excuse is that closing this toilet provision would save £20,000 a year! It is outrageous. This is one of many cuts in the Council’s Budget as it has a £1.5m deficit.

So, we ask you all, please: HELP US KEEP PUBLIC TOILETS OPEN!

Thank you for adding your support with your signature NOW. We appreciate it.

Cllr. Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE (Loughborough Ashby Ward)
Cllr. Mary Draycott MBE (Loughborough Hastings Ward)

[email protected]
[email protected]

Loughborough, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • It’s an important amenity for the people of Loughborough & surrounding areas.
  • We need public toilets for elderly the children
  • Needed by the town


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