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To: The Prime Minister

Keep Manifesto Pledge on Green Belt

Keep Manifesto Pledge on Green Belt

Our Green Belt is in great danger.
Local councils have plans to build 475,000 houses on it.
The Tory manifesto promised it 'strong protection'.

Why is this important?

Our generation has a responsibility to following generations.
We must preserve the English countryside for our children and their children for evermore.

So how can we hold the Government to its promise?
Later this year HMG is planning to modify the NPPF, which is our planning law. The recent Housing White Paper proposed weakening Green Belt protection. We must show them that if they do they will seriously upset many people -- many their current supporters.

MPs are swayed by the content of their post bag. so let's fill it up.
So, write to your MP. And please ask all your friends and relatives to do the same.
Here is a sample letter to a Conservative MP:-

Dear Mr/Ms Smith,
In the 2017 Manifesto your party promised to 'strongly protect' our Green Belt.
Local councils think you don't mean it for they expect to build 475,000 houses on Green Belt land.
If your party does not stick to this promise you can no longer rely upon my future support.
Yours sincerely
Joe Bloggs

Please modify your letter a little so as to make it more genuine.
Writing one letter is excellent but why not write every month. Just send the same letter over and over again.

Oh, and please sign this petition!!!!

Reasons for signing

  • strongly agree green belts should remain excactually that
  • I want to keep the green belt around Warrington for the wildlife and fresh air for my grandchildren.
  • Because I think it's so important to conserve some Green areas for future generations and I think the original plans for housing needs ought to be revisited and recalculated


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