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To: The Chancellor of Leicester University

Keep Vaughan College Open!

Keep Vaughan College open! For many years this has been a key part of the City's Continuing Education programme and will leave a desperate gap. We recognise that this government is putting you under intolerable financial pressure, but closing this vital part of Leicester's heritage is the wrong way to save money.

Why is this important?

1 - With the discovery of Richard III within half a mile of Vaughan College, Leicester is already experiencing a significant increase in tourism: this valuable City Centre site, driven past by thousands of people can become a vital shop window for the University.
2 - This centre has been used as a vital resource for many other groups, not just the University, and demographic changes mean that far more people are looking for Continuing Education. Surely some imaginative thinking could expand demand and increase revenue.
3 - Leicester is already known for its excellent multicultural track record, with people of many cultural backgrounds living in harmony - Vaughan College could become a showcase for this, in the City Centre, easily accessible by public transport, rather than being on a University Campus.

Leicester, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • We at Life21 at Western Park had hoped to be able to house Vaughan College in the former Open Air School in Western Park. Sadly, our darling mayor seems hellbent on private sector capital over community benefit. See also our 39degrees campaign ABANDON THE SALE OF THE ECOHOUSE ...


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