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To: The Parliamentary Labour Party

Labour MPs must get behind the new leader, Jeremy Corbyn

Labour MPs must get behind the new leader, Jeremy Corbyn

The incredible landslide result of this recent labour leadership election has exposed the fact that the majority of the PLP no longer represent the views of the majority of the membership.
As understandably upsetting or disappointing as this is for many MPs, they must respect our leader of choice, Jeremy Corbyn, and give him their sincere and honest support. We are not calling for a unity of ideas however. We embrace the broad church that is the Labour Party, and look forward to some healthy and respectful debate over the coming months and years. But should any MP's look into their hearts, and find that rather than support the new leader, they feel compelled to brief against him in the press at every available opportunity, or plot coups at the first poor election result, be that the upcoming local or Scottish elections, they must resign and stand as an independent, or for another party, in a by election.
Furthermore we will not accept poor election results in the aforementioned elections as an adequate excuse to pass a vote of no confidence against Jeremy Corbyn.
We the members, know it's unrealistic to expect a rapid turnaround in Labours electoral fortunes after our devastating defeat in May 2015, especially one that was followed by a time consuming leadership election, and we find it hard to believe our MP's think otherwise.
Should such a vote take place the membership will see it for what it is - a coup conducted by angry and embittered MPs who never supported Jeremy in the first place, and who hold the membership and their choice of leader, in contempt.
Even members who did not support Jeremy Corbyn, fully support him now and expect our MP's to do the same. MP's who try to undermine his leadership only serve to damage our chances of winning the General Election in 2020, and we are facing a monumental uphill struggle as it is.

Why is this important?

To repeat, we the members, Jeremy Corbyn voters or otherwise, call upon our MPs to give Jeremy Corbyn and the members, their full support as we all work to unite as a party against this austere and damaging conservative government.
Any MPs who can't move beyond the leadership election result with the spirit of unity and good will in their hearts, should do the honourable thing and resign.

Signed Labour Party Members and Supporters

Reasons for signing

  • Need to give him a chance.
  • Need a new type of politician. Give this one a chance


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