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To: Bath and North East Somerset Council Cabinet

HOLD B&NES TO ACCOUNT - stop the cuts and costly Park & Ride

We the undersigned have no confidence in the current leadership of B&NES council to take decisions that are in the best interests of those who elected them. We believe some of the policies they are pursuing will irreparably damage the city they are meant to protect, and go against the clearly expressed wishes of residents.

We call upon the council to:

1. Abandon its plans for a Park & Ride on Bathampton Meadows and use up-to-date government guidance to form its transport plan for the city instead*

2. Reverse the 100% arts cuts

3. Reverse the costly relocation plan for Bath Central Library and safeguard our community libraries

4. Represent more clearly the views of residents before accepting proposals that affect this and future generations, such as the closure of Bath Community Academy

We call upon members of the Cabinet to attend a public meeting with an independent chair where these proposals can be properly debated and at which a vote of no confidence can be taken by the Bath electorate, if they wish to do so.

Why is this important?

We do not believe that the current leadership of B&NES council is consulting its residents in a meaningful way or genuinely listening to their views. It is also taking decisions that will cost millions of pounds of public money without producing proper business cases and without appropriate transparency.

The council is planning to spend between £14 million and £17.5 million on a Park & Ride that its own documents show will not help congestion or pollution in the city and which could put in jeopardy Bath's World Heritage status. We believe that, by pursuing this plan, traffic will worsen as the city grows, and there will be no money left for tackling Bath's current chronic air pollution. The council is planning to spend this money on a Park & Ride at the same time as it is cutting valued services without consultation - including the arts and Bath central library - which are vital to the city's reputation and economy, and to its residents' well-being.

*Defra Local Air Quality Management Policy Guidance (PG16) 2016

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