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To: Minister for Housing and local Government

Local Authorities Duty to enforce park home legislation

Local Authorities Duty to enforce park home legislation

Demand that the Governments guidance to Local Authorities on Enforcement of the New Site Licensing regime for Park Homes, which currently states that Local Authorities have the POWERS to enforce the legislation be immediately amended to a DUTY to Enforce

Why is this important?

Park Home Owners who mainly comprise of the elderly and retired who have been lured into selling up their family homes and downsizing by buying a park home on the promise of a future worry free life of peace and tranquility only to find out too late, that in all too many cases, that they are now trapped into the dictatorial regime of one of the ever increasing number of Unscrupulous Park owners (UPO's) and they now lead lives dominated by fear, abuse and worse with no-one to turn too for help.
The main responsibility for the enforcement of the law governing Park Homes legislation lies with the Local Authorities in the areas the parks are in. Unfortunately for most park home owners complaining to the local authorities falls on deaf ears. they will say there is nothing they can do because of the legislation. Call the Police and they will say they can do nothing because a park home site is private land therefore it is a civil matter.
In my case this lack of any law enforcement was again confirmed following our own site owners unlawful entry onto my plot with his JCB digger and three burly henchmen and over two days proceeded accompanied with abuse foul language, threats to totally destroy my garden and property. I called the Police on two occasions who stated there was nothing they could do, Civil matter. Prior to this I have had a deliberate attempt to burn my home etc etc . (Full accounts of these horrifying incidents and more can be found by clicking on
One piece of legislation that Government needs to urgently change is put local authorities under the specific DUTY to enforce the current legislation so that when park home owners have a legitimate complaint it is fully investigated and action the appropriate legal action taken ASAP.
Park Home owners rights including their Human rights are being abused on a daily basis nationwide and if the current situation regarding the indifference of most local authorities does not change, the situation will only get worse.

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Reasons for signing

  • The legal lacuna which means Park Home residents have no protection over their homes has encouraged unscrupulous types to move into park ownership to make money via intimidation, bullying and harassment of some of our most vulnerable citizens.
  • We have been trying for 38 years to get our local authority to do their job - without success...... they LOVE to talk to park owners - why??!! perks??!!
  • To give rights to residents and stop the dreadful intimidation some residents have been subjected to.


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