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To: Bristol City Council

Make air pollution in Bristol a priority

Make air pollution in Bristol a priority

We call upon Bristol City Council to treat air pollution as the severe threat to public health that it is, to radically improve efforts to combat it, and to make it a priority to educate the population of Bristol about this invisible killer.

Why is this important?

Air pollution is a dangerously under-reported health issue in Bristol. Levels of air pollution in our city are in breach of EU law, and a recent report has found that hospital admissions and deaths from particulate pollution are on the rise.
This is unacceptable for a city that carries the title of European Green Capital.

At the moment, the mere acting of walking around on the streets of Bristol is slowly killing you. The council needs to be doing more to both rectify this problem and educate people about it.


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Reasons for signing

  • This is the number one public health threat in our city. You can smell either wood smoke or diesel practically everywhere and if you can smell it it's damaging your health. I have spent whole winters with an inflamed chest and reduced lung function because of it.
  • air pollution is a priority worldwide, it is the biggest threat to life.
  • My daughter has been ill due partly to the air pollution in Bristol twice this last year seriously.


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