To: Esther McVey MP, Minister for Disabled People

Update Online DLA Claim System

There is a systems failure at the Department of Work and Pensions:

To claim Disability Living Allowance if you are under 16 or Attendance Allowance if you are over 65, people are being asked to use Internet Explorer 5 or 6 and other systems that are so out of date they are available on less than 2% of UK computers.

We are calling on you to fix the IT and bring it up to date immediately.

Why is this important?

For a Government that is committed to ‘digital by default’ their systems for claiming disability benefit are the equivalent of sending a carrier pigeon.

If you want to claim Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance online you will need to take a step back to the 1990s and hunt through second hand shops for an old PC that you can power up. Don’t even think about using a smartphone or a Mac. The most recent Microsoft browser the system supports is Internet Explorer 6 which is so out of date that technology geeks have held parties to celebrate it no longer being used One political blogger was so amazed at the situation he thought that this was an April fools joke.

Whilst a new system is being phased in for those aged 16-64 between now and 2017, for everyone else they will have to find one of the 2% of computers nationwide that still run on this out of date technology. This situation is unacceptable and must be tackled immediately.

Just t in case you are into retro IT here is the link to the online claim page

And these are the browsers you can use!

Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP; Internet Explorer versions 5.0.1, 5.5 and 6.0; Netscape 7.2; Firefox 1.0.3; Mozilla 1.7.7'