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To: BBC Director General

Make the BBC allow comments on their Scottish politics stories on their website

Dear Director General,
The people of Scotland pay their licence fees, but unlike licence-payers in the rest of the UK they are being blocked from making their views known on the BBC website. Most stories on the BBC website are open for comment, with the exception of the majority of News stories, blogs and opinion pieces about Scottish politics, and in particular, anything related to the current Independence debate. This flies in the face of the supposed impartiality of the BBC, and is affecting the democratic process. Please allow comments on all stories so that the views of all the public can be aired and shared.

Why is this important?

The BBC are shutting down debate in a profoundly undemocratic way. If they don't open up their website to all comments they will be accused of bias in favour of the British establishment. The people of the UK deserve a fair and democratic national debate, and the people of Scotland deserve the right to ask questions and discuss opinions. If this situation was happening in Syria or Ukraine it would quite rightly be criticised as unjust by the BBC, yet they practice this gagging of their own people in the UK. It really is a shameful way to behave.

Reasons for signing

  • There should be open discussion about all aspects of the independence debate.
  • Better take heed BBC. Tick Tock...
  • The BBC appears to be determined to misrepresent and distort issues surrounding the Scottish referendum. Not allowing comments on their referendum stories is profoundly undemocratic. It shows they are not prepared to tolerate views different to those they report. It is not neutral or objective journalism.


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