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To: Adur District Council

New public slipway in Shoreham

ADC Councillors to put forward a council motion for the provision of a new public slipway at Humphrey's Gap or Ferry Road.

Why is this important?

Over recent years public slipways of Shoreham have been built upon or rendered useless to the determent of the local people and the area.

We the people of the area, ask that the Adur District Councillors to put forward an urgent motion to provide a replacement public slipway with car parking downstream of the bridges. This would bring back and revitalise the dying leisure marine activities with all supporting industry and town shop business bringing visitors and money in.. Shoreham is the only maritime town on the south coast not to have a useable public slipway. Currently opportunities exist at Humphrey’s Gap and Ferry Road.


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Reasons for signing

  • Fab idea, regenerates a new area
  • Anything that brings trade to the town of Shoreham and surrounding area can only be a good thing, As long as parking is sufficient for those coming with there boats as well as locals.
  • When you think of how many slipways Shoreham had during It's boat building days, It's a sad state to be in, with the history of a town like Shoreham.


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