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To: Brighton & Hove City Council

Objection to proposed Waste Management Site

Objection to proposed Waste Management Site

Please cancel the decision to allocate the site of the former Coal Yard site adjacent to the Sackville Trading Estate as a Waste Management Site.

Why is this important?

(1) The emerging Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan aims to establish the comprehensive and integrated redevelopment of the whole of the City Plan Development Area 6 for a range of mixed uses that would created a new centre for Hove.
(2) The allocation of the site for waste management would permanently divide DA6 and would severely limit the extent to which the redevelopment potential of the whole area could be realised.

Hove Station area

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Reasons for signing

  • To save Hove and keep it as we know it. A waste management site in the proposed area is not necessary and is not needed.
  • It would be next to a residential area. There would be a lot of noise from the site & there is another recycling area nearby already. They should develope the site with amenities that would improve the area.
  • What the area needs is not another business - there is a recycling centre down the road already!!! - but amenities which would help to cement the neighbourhood together.


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