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Save the Free TV Licence For Over 75's

Save the Free TV Licence For Over 75's

In 1999 free TV Licences for the over 75's were introduced and it was agreed that the cost of providing this universal benefit should be paid by the Department of Work and Pensions to the BBC.

In 2015, the Conservative Government struck a deal that would see the responsibility for payment of this benefit no longer be that of the government but instead responsibility would now be with the BBC to shoulder the cost of the scheme from
2020 onwards, thus ensuring that any unpopular decisions on charging pensioners have to be made by the BBC Board rather than Government Ministers. We do not believe that the Government should have privatised welfare policy in this way, nor do we support means testing of the benefit.

A consultation has been put out by the BBC calling on comments from licence payers and consumers which highlights the cost of the scheme to them but says nothing about the detrimental impact that withdrawing this benefit will have on those over 75.

the consultation can be found here

Why is this important?

The over 75's TV licence is an essential lifeline for many older people and can help tackle feelings of social isolation and loneliness as well as many other issues.

How it will be delivered

In person


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Reasons for signing

  • I want the madness to end.
  • I do not care for sport or most BBC programmes particularly the biased left wing reporting so watch other channels so why should I pay so that this organisation can continue to pay inflated salaries expenses and pensions
  • TV tax should be abolished full stop, BBC over funded for output and wasteful of funding received, i. e. vastly overpaid presenters. Generally biased options on news programmes. So if we are obligated to pay the TV tax, then at least those who have paid taxes throughout their lives should receive this concession.


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