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To: MPs including Nigel Mills (MP for Amber Valley) and all local councillors

Open up empty buildings in Derby and Derbyshire

Follow the lead of Manchester and open up empty buildings for homeless people this winter.

There's a local pub in Alfreton called the station pub that has been transformed into habitual living places for local people (some who I believe were homeless). There are a lot of empty pubs and warehouses in the local area (and countrywide) so even if a small proportion were transformed into living quarters it would give people permanent places to live.

Remember the saying 'a dog is for life, not just for Christmas'. Well the same goes for places to live - it shouldn't just be in winter it should be year round.

Why is this important?

To plead to the Council to open its empty buildings to the homeless in winter. I cannot imagine sleeping rough in driving, biting winds, snow, ice and winter rain. It's inhumane. It's also inexcusable when we have so many empty buildings.

Ideally it should be year round, but definately over winter.


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