To: Directorate General of the EU for Sanitary and Consumer affairs (DG SANCO)

Oppose proposed EU Regulation on Marketing of Plant Reproductive Material

To not ban the sale or free issue of 'unapproved' seed

Why is this important?

1. Biodiversity will be greatlly reduced because it will be expensive to obtain approval for unfashionable varieties even though they may have qualitites that prove useful later.

2. The EU proposal would hand the whole of agriculture to big corporations like Monsanto on a plate, as they will have the money to develop and gain approval of seed varieties that they will have total control of. This will not be in the interests of farmers or consumers.

Reasons for signing

  • Won't tolerate globalist totalitarianism, if this law is passed we will start a campaign of mass disobedience to wreck it!
  • Our seed, our inheritance, OUR future... not for profit!!!
  • Globalisation concentrates power into the hands of evil people