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Parking and staff safety at the Leicester Royal Infirmary

Parking and staff safety at the Leicester Royal Infirmary

Ensure that UHL staff feel safe coming to work and feel they are valued members of the UHL family.

Why is this important?

We are writing to express our deep concern at the parking provision for UHL staff. In light of the recent case of the kidnapping, rape and murder of Sarah Everard, who was walking home at night, and the predatory murder of Sabina Nessa, we feel this issue needs addressing as a matter of urgency.

UHL staff are expected to park at King Power Stadium, a 17 min walk from the Leicester Royal Infirmary site. During daylight hours, this is not an issue. However, for staff finishing shifts at anti-social hours, this represents an unacceptable level of risk to staff safety. The staff multi-story car park is only available from 15:45. This is not appropriate for staff working antisocial hours. For example, a medical on call shift is usually 9:00-22:00, some A&E shifts are 13:30-23:30 and nursing staff work 7:00-19:30. Therefore, these staff have no choice but to park at King Power Stadium, or pay up to £13:30 per day to park in the patient car park, on top of what they’re already paying for their staff parking permits.

When this issue has been raised with the parking office by staff, they have suggested that staff move their cars from King Power Stadium at 16:00 to the staff multi-storey car park. Many of our staff would be happy to do this, however, it is practically impossible for them to take 30mins away from their clinical duties in order to move their cars. They have patients to look after and if they’re on call, they may be carrying bleeps and cannot leave the hospital site.

This needs addressing as a matter of urgency as our staff do not feel safe walking to their cars at night.

We propose one of the following:

1. Staff finishing at antisocial hours should be allowed to park for free at the on site patient carpark or staff multi-storey car park
2. A shuttle service is established to transport staff between the Leicester Royal Infirmary site and King Power Stadium for staff finishing at anti-social hours
3. Security escort is provided for any member of staff who feels unsafe walking to or from their car at anti-social hours
4. Cover is provided for staff to leave the hospital site at 16:00 in order to move their cars from King Power Stadium to the staff multi-storey car park

UHL staff work tirelessly for their patients, and the least that UHL can do is make sure that staff feel safe coming to work. This is a relatively small step that can be taken to show staff that they are valued, rather than just rota fillers.

Leicester, UK

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2021-10-05 21:04:18 +0100

Edit to add: I did not realise there are other offsite staff car parks. This should apply all offsite staff parking.

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