To: government /department of work and pensions

personal independent payment

People are being refused PIP for answering questions wrong at the interview, as they twist what you are trying to tell them. Some conditions they think aren't as bad as you make out but let them live your life for a week. My husband has severe epilepsy that over the last year has put him in hospital with broken bones - its been touch and go many a time due to drop seizures it has damaged his back its constantly in spasm and he has very strong painkillers for little if any relief I even now have all adapted aids in the house for him as i care for all his needs i even have to cook give him his medication get him dressed. He is awaiting injections in his spine for pain and Is now in a wheelchair ♿. I had to go to court for an tribunal appeal and they made him cry which upset me his wife and his children as they made him cry as he felt like he was a criminal he got full care back but not motility and he's worse now then when he had it for 7 years before with disability living allowances.

Why is this important?

Just think the government and Department of Work and Pensions need to know what they are doing to genuine disabled people feel as though we are being tied with the con artist and fiddlers of the system. He dosen't want to be disabled, he has worked but now I have to come to terms he can't. And the people who interview you are not medical nurses doctors or anything of the sort they as questions tick boxes. Hows that getting a true picture - it's affecting families financially causing stress, making people more ill than they were before and they don't care