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To: Councillor Leo Hammond

Petition to prevent the implementation of unfair restrictive parking in Goodmanham

The Parish Council of Goodmanham had submitted an application to implement restrictive parking lines in the village ranging from All Hallows Cottage to to the top of the church. We are aware that there are parking issues at at the top of the church where the road narrows however it is unjust and unfair for the extension of these lines to run all along the road adjacent the church.

This was done without any prior consultation with residents, businesses or users of the village. This was also then passed by an East Yorkshire Councillor again without those same considerations. This petition is towards the prevention of the restrictive parking lines being inserted in that area of the village.

Why is this important?

We feel that this petition is important because the decision to add further parking restrictions to the village not only affects local businesses to Goodmanham but also hinders anyone wanting to visit the village.

The village is in the heart of the Wolds Way and is a prime location in the community for people to visit for Wolds Way walks, to visit for dog walks and to get out and about for their mental health and enjoy the peaceful scenery of the village. The village also has a significantly historic church which attracts people to visit and is an important factor in the community. The parking restrictions applied will hinder people from visiting the village for those positive factors.

The parking restrictions will also be applicable to residents of the village and for any visitors wanting to visit friends and family.

Further, the area in which the restrictions are due to be applied is actually a safe zone for parking within the village. These restrictions will only encourage people to park in dangerous areas of the village and will not resolve any alleged parking issues. There has been no risk assessment conducted in relation to the parking restrictions due to be imposed.

The decision will ultimately effect the local livelihood of the community in the reasons detailed above and will encourage dangerous parking.

The Parish Council has already restricted parking in the village car park and now the decision to impose more unnecessary parking restrictions is unjust and unfair.

The decision is against the community and ultimately only in the interests of the Parish Council rather than the wider community. Goodmanham Parish council are supposed to support the community, rather than oppose it.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver this petition on social media and also face to face with those that may be affected.

Goodmanham, York YO43, UK

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