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To: Let Newark and Sherwood DC know this is not acceptable

Please help to Stop your Lowfield Lane wildlife being Lost

We object to the planning application , 22/02375/FULM on the basis of the substantial loss of biodiversity and green space that will result for which the applicant has failed to assess and compensate for. The principle of Biodiversity Net Gain should be applied to this site. The significant extra traffic that this proposal will generate will cause serious danger and congestion. This is a great opportunity for the council to work with us to develop the green space and heritage value as the landowner to benefit the local community and our well being.

Why is this important?

This development will cause a substantial loss of biodiversity and greenspace with barn owls and other fantastic wildlife so close to our local community. The access proposals will only lead to greater congestion and danger for us all. It is owned by the local council and is a fantastic opportunity to protect this biodiversity and enhance its value as green space for us all to cherish and enjoy; more in line with the policy of the council and national government

How it will be delivered

We will deliver this petition at the relevant planning committee once the date is confirmed.

Newark-on-Trent, Newark NG24, UK

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