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To: Hounslow Council and the Duke of Northumberland estates

Preserve Park Road Allotments Isleworth and protect it from development

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

PRA (Park Road Allotments) in Isleworth needs to be preserved and protected from any developement now and in the future. The council needs to regain the stewardship of this piece of land and offer, in perpetuity, brownfield land for the DoN (Duke of Northumberland) estates to fulfil their wish to develope and build up-market dwellings.

Why is this important?

For everyone's benefit. Wildlife, the planet and people alike.

The council has more than matched their housing targets year in and year out and now needs to show it's seriousness regarding its commitment to the environment as laid out in their manifesto.

PRA site has benefitting physical and mental attributes not only to the people that use it but also to the wider community. Growing and harvesting locally produced fruit and vegetables is a very worthy, necessary and encouraged, both locally, nationally and internationally, pastime. Surplus/donated produce also helps with ever increasing demands for stock at local food banks.

It also benefits local city flora and fauna established havens.

Rare pieces of city wildlife are paramount in saving .... history will judge today's people/decisions of their seriousness in tackling environmental matters and commitment to keeping sections of their community as green open spaces.

Fragile wildlife (both creature and fauna alike) cling to such havens for their very survival. PRA is very special indeed for being home to such wildlife.

Preserving open green space not only as a source of carbon capture but also as a benefit to people (physically and mentally) and all that wildlife includes. With added kudos of continuing the landscaper Capability Brown's vista until now protected through diligent and common-sense actions of authorities for hundreds of years. Historical ring-fencing of the highest order.

A sensible agreement for maintaining open green space adds gravitas to the councils commitment to its environmental aspirations and respect to the Duke of Northumberlands estate for bequeathing important sites such as these to a forward thinking, progressive and sustainable, green future.

Please consider this petition with heartfelt compassion as we only have one planet.

Thank you.

P.S. I hope the King sees this and impresses his green agenda and influence upon Earl Percy as he is friends of the Duke of Northumberland albeit slightly poorer than the Duke!

Isleworth, UK

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