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To: Priti patel, richard Burgon, James Corbyn, Boris Johnson

PREVENT UK Government from revoking British citizens (ethnic Minorities) of their citizenship

PREVENT UK Government from revoking British citizens (ethnic Minorities) of their citizenship

The British Government has recently and quietly made changes to the 'Nationality and Borders' bill.

Clause 9 of the bill - “Notice of decision to deprive a person of citizenship”, now exempts the Government from giving notice to an individual if they deem you are a national security threat. Under the guise of National Security the government can deem you a threat and revoke your citizenship without your knowledge.

The changes are draconian and offer an individual little to no chance to appeal.

It is against international law to deprive a person of citizenship and inhumane not to allow one to appeal a decision made in their absence or knowledge. This practise is alien and frowned upon even by the UK's closest allies.

Even the worst criminals are allowed to make an appeal and do not have their citizenship revoked but are dealt with under the rule of law. The clause to strip a persons citizenship without notice should not be allowed to be made law. This must be debated.

This is especially problematic as this law has been used against us all. Look at the Windrush Scandal from 2018 and now we will live in fear as migrants in the UK despite being born here and living here all their lives.

An individual should be given enough time to make a legal challenge in a British court of law before any decision to revoke citizenship is made.
Why is this law only for people of colour and no one else? Is this law racist in its nature? How is this used to be of benefit to the British Citizens?

Why is this important?

We have to stand up and be counted as Laws such as this can affect our lives and the lives of our loved one, our kids and parents. This is our home, we have given this country everything, and just because of some racist individuals we will not have our homes livelihoods taken from us without a fight! Write emails, letters, peacefully protest to your Local councillor, MP. Your vote your voice matters! This affects us now and for our future!

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