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Recognition for HMAS Sydney II War Dead

Recognition for HMAS Sydney II War Dead

We request that the British Government hold a public inquiry into the location of the wreck site of HMAS Sydney II.

Why is this important?

In 2006 we discovered a wreck which we believe is that of the Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney II. Two years later, the Australian Government announced that an expedition had discovered the HMAS Sydney II and then proceeded to issue different information as to its location and condition. In our opinion this information is false, and until the full truth has been established there can be no true closure for the friends and families of those who died on HMAS Sydney II.

Only a properly conducted inquiry to British standards would suffice to bring this about. The inquiry we are seeking would incorporate the highest naval experts together with reliable witnesses and historians who would be shown, without bias, the evidence that we believe is incorrect and has as such, misled both the Australian people and the world at large.

We feel that the sailors who died on HMAS Sydney II, together with their families and friends, have been misrepresented. We are also of the opinion that the public and Governments have been totally mistaken in believing that the results obtained reflect the truth behind the discovery.

The inquiry would correctly identify and ultimately protect the true resting site of the said warship. We are also of the opinion that the Captain and crew have been denied their rightful honours in that we feel they deserve a posthumous VC (Naval), and the British Officers to be exonerated from the shame of being labelled as incompetent in battle.

If you wish to see the evidence before committing yourself to this cause please visit our website where full details can be found. This material is all in the public domain and can be fully examined by everyone.

We owe the honourable men who served on HMAS Sydney II the truth. We also need to remember their ultimate sacrifice. They died so we could be free from tyranny.

How it will be delivered

Deliver in person & email.

Reasons for signing

  • I believe that it is important for the families of these crew members to receive closure.
  • For closure for their families. Xxx
  • Because the truth needs to be told


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We have now Contacted Neil Oliver,from Coast after he presented Coast Ausralia, featuring HMAS Sydney & KSK Kormaran.

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Once again certain people are trying to discredit Merlindown & stop us from finding the truth by posting malicious comments.
Please ,Please ignore these remarks.

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