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To: North Yorkshire Council

Recognition for Rachel Daly in her home town

England footballer Rachel Daly has achieved an astonishing amount in her career: winning the Euros with the Lionesses, getting the Golden Boot as top scorer in the WSL with Aston Villa, and now reaching a World Cup Final with England. It is the first time the country has reached a global final since 1966, a date which has gone down in English football history.

It is time Rachel Daly was recognised officially in her home town, such as by naming the Harrogate Leisure and Wellness Centre (the Hydro) in her honour. We call on North Yorkshire Council to deliver a fitting honour for Rachel Daly, Harrogate's World Cup hero.

Why is this important?

The growth in women's football in recent years has been astonishing. Rachel Daly and her fellow Lionesses have done a huge amount to drive this forward, setting an example of what dedication and team work can achieve.

There is no more prestigious match in football than a World Cup final. Now that Rachel has reached it, she should be recognised for all she has done.

Harrogate, UK

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