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To: Councillor Kevin Bentley

Reduce speed limits outside Schools

Reduce speed limits outside Schools

A 7-year-old boy was knocked down by a car this morning at the main crossing outside my child's school.

The crossing has traffic lights, but this is clearly insufficient - a human element is needed to ensure the safety of children crossing this busy road.

We used to have lollipop ladies outside every school and on the commonly used routes children take to and from school, but they are mostly absent now. Why is this?

There is more traffic on our the roads than ever, with speeding and dangerous driving on the increase.

Drivers seem only to care about getting to work on time, impatient with delays and not taking enough notice of pedestrians.

I wish to lobby our MP to make a small but important change to the law, reducing the speed limit on all roads outside schools and reinstating lollipop ladies (and men) at all crossings.

I would also like to suggest permanently reducing the speed limit in these areas to 20mph and a part-time reduction to 10mph during the peak times when children are arriving at and leaving the school.

Please help make a change by signing this petition and sharing it with as many people as possible.

Thank you!

Why is this important?

Action needs to be taken now to protect our children, before any more accidents or fatalities occur on roads near schools. We must ensure their safety - they are our future and are precious.

Chelmsford, UK

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