To: Wealden District Council / Heathfield and Waldron Parish Council

Refugees Welcome in Heathfield and surrounding area

House 10 families of refugees in Heathfield and surrounding area

Why is this important?

The horror of the refugee crisis was really brought home to myself and many others in this nation after seeing the heart-breaking photo of a toddlers lifeless body lying washed up on the beach. There are many people in this country who do care and do want to help these desperate people. They need a safe home as much as you and I. If each town agrees to house a small number of refugees it would be possible to make a huge difference to a large number of these people without putting too much pressure on any one area of our country.
If you agree please sign this petition or start your own local petition to show our government that we do care and want our nation to agree to help many more refugees.


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