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To: NHS Dorset and Dorset Council

Restore Swanage and Wareham NHS Services!

We ask for:
  • Restoration of walk-in access to Swanage Hospital Minor Injuries Unit and it’s hours of 8am to 8pm
  • Restoration of outpatient clinics that have been withdrawn, including rheumatology at Swanage and chemotherapy at Wareham
  • Expansion of local outpatient clinics to support physical and mental health
  • That Urgent Care System 111 and United Hospitals Dorset urgently reform their systems to support local people to receive the health services that are available in Swanage and Wareham
  • Reinstatement of Swanage Hospital inpatient beds to 15
  • Re-opening of Swanage NHS Dentist’s list
  • That the health consultation group promised by NHS Dorset for Swanage and Purbeck be set up urgently, and that there is a clear statement from NHS Dorset laying out a vibrant vision for Swanage and Wareham Hospitals going forward, in line with the enhanced local services promised in the Clinical Services Review. 

Why is this important?

In Swanage we are a long way from the major hospitals, we have an older population, public transport is limited and 25% of us have no access to a car. Yet local community hospital services in Swanage (and Wareham) are reducing, beds have been closed, and staff dealing with 111 calls or booking outpatient appointments routinely miss opportunities to support much needed access to local NHS care. Also, the Swanage NHS Dentist’s list is closed to new patients. 
Swanage BH19, UK

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