To: Owen Paterson MP, Dan Rogerson MP, Maria Eagle MP, John Griffiths AM

Review legislation that creates by-ways

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like you to review the legislation that covers the creation, regulation and management of by-ways. The current legislative framework is unworkable and is heavily prejudiced in favour of use by motorised vehicles to the detriment of all other user groups. Not only are other user groups (walkers, horse-riders, cyclists) being disenfranchised, but we are also losing/ have lost important parts of our cultural heritage (as many of the green lanes used are of significant historical interest). The legislation relating to by-ways essentially binds the hands of local authorities and they are unable to stop many routes being identified as by-ways and subsequently are unable to control the level and type of use.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Knight

Why is this important?

In the area that I live in north Wales there is a large network of by-ways principally due to old drovers and other historical routes. These are now all open to motorised vehicles and are being destroyed by large numbers of trail-bikers and off-road vehicles. This use is unsustainable, dangerous, unregulated, uncontrolled by the police or local authority, and is resulting in significant damage to the countryside and our historic heritage. Furthermore where large numbers of vehicles are frequently used the routes become too dangerous for other user groups and so walkers, horse-riders and cyclists are excluded.