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To: Wakefield Council

Road Safety in West Bretton

Road safety for school pupils, residents and tourists whilst moving around West Bretton is vital for our community.

The village is in an area of natural beauty and is a tourist attraction as host of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - but more importantly, it is the home to many elderly adults and young children who are facing increasing levels of danger for every day that they try to move around the village.

The village is situated in a Conservation Area with many Listed buildings of Period character. Yet, the volume of traffic - and more importantly the size and speed of the vehicles passing through - makes it an extremely dangerous place for the young and old to live.

Some facts:

- In a recent Traffic Data Survey, 4 out of every 5 vehicles were entering or exiting the village “in excess of the 30 mph” speed limit
- There is NOT ONE SINGLE pedestrian crossing in the village - across a major A Road that connects directly to the M1 motorway just 1.5 miles away
- Primary School pupils must cross the busy roads every day on their way to school - no 20 mph speed limit is in place
- Increasingly in recent years and months, the M1 motorway has been closed and diverted Motorway traffic through the centre of the village - a Conservation Area - making it near impossible for residents to cross from one side of the village to the other

Please help us by installing traffic calming measures helping make our village a safe place for the school children, the elderly residents and any visitors to West Bretton.

Why is this important?

We need as many residents as possible to join our campaign to make West Bretton a safer village. Please sign our petition so we can make change.

Huddersfield Rd, Bretton, Wakefield WF4 4JY, UK

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