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To: Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Save the National Wildlife Crime Unit

UPDATE 1/3/16 - We won! The Government has announced it will continue to fund Britain's wildlife detectives.

Secure the long term future of the National Wildlife Crime Unit which investigates and prosecutes people who practice cruelty and commit crimes against wild animals.

Why is this important?

Wildlife crime is increasing throughout the UK, but government funding of the National Wildlife Crime Unit ends in March 2016. Wildlife crime being practiced includes hare coursing, badger baiting, killing of birds of prey and deer poaching, and the National Wildlife Crime Unit is a vital resource involved in the fight to investigate and prosecute those responsible.


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2016-03-03 14:21:46 +0000

Campaign success! I am very pleased to announce that the government has agreed to continue funding the NWCU for a further four years. We will be writing to DEFRA to enquire as to what happens at 2020 and beyond as we believe that the NWCU should never be closed. Thank-you to everyone who signed the petition, your support is greatly appreciated.

2016-03-03 14:16:16 +0000

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2016-02-26 15:55:55 +0000

Please note that the government department to which this campaign is to be addressed has been changed to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Thanks to all those who got in touch to advise.

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