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To: Marie Burns, Council Leader, North Ayrshire Council

Save Arran Outdoor Education Centre

I am alarmed to have read a leaked document in a local newspaper, that suggests that the Arran Outdoor Education Resource could be closed to make savings at this time of cutbacks. I believe that shutting this resource would be an absolute disaster for not just Education, but for Arran as a whole.

This is the article that has been leaked:

"A famed North Ayrshire school trip venue could be closed as North Ayrshire Council chiefs look for ways to cut costs.

The Arran Outdoor Education Centre faces the axe as executives prepare budget plans for 2023/24.

The saving that will be made pales in comparison to what the facility has offered children in North Ayrshire.

The staple school trip venue has provided children from primary and secondary schools across the county with plenty of enjoyment over the years - and gave them memories to hold for a lifetime."

I am starting this petition to North Ayrshire Council, to ask them to scrutinize their savings more carefully, and to look elsewhere for savings and above all not strip us of this valuable gem, which would be extremely difficult to re-establish once lost.

Please could you sign, with many thanks in advance,

Sheenah D Fletcher

Why is this important?

The AOER is a wonderful purpose-built resource that has taught many youngsters real values, and given thousands of memorable experiences that have lasted their whole lives. Being on the island the resource has introduced young people to the island, giving them a love of where we call home, resulting in them drawing parents and friends on return visits and boosting our visitor numbers and tourism. It would be devasting to us if it were allowed to be shut and as a community we must fight to keep this valuable asset, which the shutting thereof would save very little money, but in fact, in the long run cost us very dearly.
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