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To: Transport Scotland & Minister for Transport (Scottish Parliament)

Save Breich Station

24/11/17 - We won!

I'm delighted to report that the Scottish Government have announced that Breich station is to remain open and could benefit from enhanced services in the future.

Use of the station was reviewed as part of the Scottish Government’s investment into the Shotts Electrification project, with a consultation undertaken by Network Rail on behalf of Transport Scotland to consider its long term viability given low patronage.

The 12-week consultation considered the views of relevant transport stakeholders, the local authority, trade unions plus the local community and their elected representatives.

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf said:

“The overwhelming response to the consultation was in favour of keeping Breich Station open. Not only that, many respondents wished to see more services calling at Breich Station to increase patronage.

“Having taken on board the strong support for Breich Station, I have made the decision it should remain open. My officials are working with the ScotRail Alliance to see how we can increase calls at Breich to make it a more viable station which encourages greater use of rail.”

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and submitted objections. Not only has Breich been saved, but there is a commitment to provide a better service.

Save Breich Station

Refuse permission for the closure of Breich station on the 'Shotts Line' from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

Why is this important?

Network Rail have applied to close Breich station on the ‘Shotts Line’ from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Their case for closure is that the cost of work on the station and replacement of the footbridge which are required due to electrification of the route, is not justified by the small number of passengers using the station. It’s not surprising that few passengers use Breich – only one train in each direction stops here. Network Rail have not considered the potential for increased usage if more trains stopped, if parking facilities were provided and if proposed housing developments nearby go ahead. Nor do they appear to have considered building a path from the east-bound platform to the A706, so negating the need for a footbridge. Closure of Breich station was not part of the electrification plan for which the budget would have included funds for the required work. Railways should be to provide a service, not for profit. The proposed closure is an opportunistic attempt at cost saving and has not considered all options, so permission should not be granted.


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Reasons for signing

  • It appears the work has already been budgeted for anyway & we should be looking to offer better stations and services not removing under invested ones. Make it a request stop so potentially all services could stop there if required but none have to stop if not needed.
  • I have signed this petition because seeing breich closed will break my heart
  • I'm on a mission to visit all the stations in Britain (1500 down 1000 to go!). I traveled to Breich and it is a fantastic little station with a rusty footbridge, pebble laden platforms and a very old shelter. To lose it would be a tragedy!


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