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To: Brent Council

Save Energy Solutions

Save Energy Solutions

Brent Council should reconsider the decision to consider Energy Solutions for a 100% funding cut and examine ways to find a sustainable funding platform which will assure the residents of Brent that Fuel Poverty, cold homes, energy debt and energy efficiency services are safeguarded over the long term.

Why is this important?

At a time where council budget cuts are rolling back central support for households, Energy Solutions must be funded to provide vital, complex services to vulnerable families and individuals in crisis due to cold living conditions and fuel poverty.

We can save £££s for the local authority, Public Health and the NHS. We ask the Council to fund a bridging period of at least six months, to allow discussions that will lead to a sustainable, results driven, funding programme based around savings made to departmental budgets as a result of affordable warmth measures and financial capability services.

London Borough of Brent

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