To: Rushmoor Borough Council

Save Farnborough Community Centre

Save Farnborough Community Centre

Save Farnborough Community Centre

Why is this important?

Are you aware that Rushmoor Borough Council have manoeuvred the closure of OUR Community Centre so they can sell it off to developers. They have offered us no replacement Community Centre but have made a snivelling offer to help all those who use the Centre find alternate venues.

There are few facilities available for local residents in Farnborough and Rushmoor B.C. is keen to treat any community asset as an opportunity for profit. We have lost our live music venue, we are losing our golf course, they have their eyes on replacing the Sports Centre to enable them to develop half the site, and they are now planning on using the only town centre open space as a construction site. This is OUR Community Centre, NOT theirs! It is used by countless local groups. We all need to stand up to this greedy, uncaring Council and tell them to leave our Community Centre alone.


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Reasons for signing

  • It's a valuable resource & 1 of the last bits of our town's history still standing.
  • This centre has for many years been home to many small local groups that help and support people in Rushmoor and the surrounding towns. These groups would probably fold if the centre is closed, this losing vital services in the local area.
  • At 77yo and partially disabled, this is where my bridge club meets. This is not only a hall, I believe that it was once the sargeants' mess of the Royal Tank Regiment (send this on to them) and houses historic artifacts.


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