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To: Rochdale Planning Office

Save Hedgehog Wildlife Habitat

Save Hedgehog Wildlife Habitat

Stop builders bulldozing allotments in Mills Hill, Middleton which provide a wildlife corridor and home for hedge hogs, a bird sanctuary with goldfinches and many other birds and 9 feral cats who are fed and looked after by local residents. There is no need to bulldoze this area as the builders are then returning it to local residents. Mature trees, the hard work over 50 years on the allotments and the wildlife habitat will be destroyed for no reason at all.

Why is this important?

Hedgehogs are a protected species and many of the birds are declining species in the UK. The allotments are a vitally important wildlife sanctuary.


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Reasons for signing

  • All allotments should be protected and they require biodiversity ( which includes hedgehogs) to be able to produce sustainable food.
  • Cos hedgehogs and all animals are important to the well being of our environment


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