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To: Derek Twigg

Save High Street Air Raid Shelter

The Air Raid Shelter on High Street, Runcorn (St. Paul's Mews) should not be knocked down. It should be incorporated into the plans to revamp the Brindley Theatre, to preserve our heritage and culture.

Why is this important?

Many a local gem has been lost to developers who are all too eager to bulldoze our local heritage in the name of profit.

The Air Raid shelter on High Street (behind St. Paul's Mews) is an important reminder of the past and could be an important asset for the culture and heritage of Runcorn. If we demolish all of our history, what is there for future generations?

The War Tunnels of Runcorn Charity (Charity Registration Number 1180550 believe this shelter should be preserved. It should be incorporated into the plans for the revamp of the Brindley Centre, and preserved for future generations to come.

War Tunnels of Runcorn, as a registered charity, offer our services in preserving this structure and the grounds immediately surrounding it.
Runcorn, UK

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