To: David Cameron


I want a full Public Inquiry into the conduct of the Information Commissioner, West Yorkshire (WYP)and the CPS who have treated Norman Scarth very badly and unlawfully..
The ICO, WYP and the CPS have acted in consort to pervert the course of justice and have been responsible for the vicious grevious bodily harm inflicted on Norman.
Norman Scarth is a WW2 Veteran who stood firm with his Brothers in Arms to defeat Hitler. I call upon the British Nation to repay Norman by signing this Petition during HIS time of Need.
Norman Scarth has had to FLEE the land of his Birth because he is FRIGHTEND for his life.
Is this how we treat WW2 Veterans

Why is this important?

It is in the interest of Justice and in the interest and Honor of all WW2 Veterans and Victims. World War 2 veterans are a dwindling bunch of hero's.

Last Tues 24th May Norman Scarth and myself, who was acting as a McKenzie Friend for Norman were booted out of the First Tier Tribunal by HM Judge Callender -Smith. He should hang his head in shame treating a WW2 veteran like this.

Reasons for signing

  • This case has documented evidence that the matter is Abuse of Authority and justifies Judicial Revue.
  • Down with this sort of thing.
  • Justice and fairness


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