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To: Vale of Glamorgan Council

Save outdoor seating Penarth Esplanade

Save outdoor seating Penarth Esplanade

Keep the outdoor seating on Penarth Esplanade.

Why is this important?

Penarth Esplanade used to be the heart of Penarth, however the Vale of Glamorgan Council seem to want to do anything they can to destroy it and put people off visiting.

The outdoor seating area was a welcome addition to the Esplanade so it is now disappointing to see that the license for this to continue has not been renewed all for the sake of 13 parking spaces.

Considering there is a big push to get to net zero this is hardly discouraging people to drive and shows a lack of commitment from the Vale of Glamorgan Council to achieve this.

Please sign this petition to try and get the Vale of Glamorgan Council to hear our voice and reconsider their decision.

We all want to do our part to contribute to reaching net zero so therefore do not see how the Vale of Glamorgan Council can prioritise car parking spaces (therefore encouraging people to drive over supporting local businesses)

Penarth, UK

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