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To: Weymouth College and Dorset Council

Save Redlands Community Sports Hub

Save Redlands Community Sports Hub

Save Redlands Community Sports Hub.

Why is this important?

Redlands has provided a wide range of sports facilities for many years and is a valued local facility that the town needs. The decision to close the site in the summer of 2022 is going to seriously reduce the provision of sports facilities in the area.

The site is owned by Dorset Council and leased to Weymouth College so both organisations are in a position to work together to keep the site open. So we are asking for the site to be kept open whilst a longer term plan for its future is worked out.

It is now widely recognized that having an active lifestyle is critical to remaining fit and healthy. So the provision of a wide range of sporting facilities is essential to ensure as many residents as possible can keep active. Closing Redlands makes no sense from this point of view.

Weymouth, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Redlands football teams enjoy great success in their various age and sex categories. Their football training and coaching sessions provide children especially with opportunities to learn and be active, encouraging them into a lifetime of exercise and fitness. Redlands is a most important organisation for getting and keeping the residents of Weymouth active and fit. The loss of the site and organisation would be a tragedy for Weymouth. 🍌😀
  • It’s an important facility which is needed by a large number of local,people. If not Redlands where can you go?
  • Redlands sports buildings were the result of hard work from local sports clubs at the time - for the good of local sport. Over time, this has been forgotten, promises have been made and broken and now here we are with local people being the ones to lose out.


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