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To: Michael Russell msp argyle and bute

Save the Thomson court dementia centre isle of bute

We would like Mike Russell to help save the Thomson home dementia centre

Why is this important?

The dementia centre is a life line for clients on the island they get hot meals help with personal hygiene medical help and socialise with other people in the same position as them .they get interaction .the befriending scheme they are proposing to use maybe a good thing for doing shopping or sitting with clients for a coup,e of hours to let carers do something for themselves but what about the clients who don't have anyone else .they go to day centre for the day it is a life line for them .

Isle of Bute

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Reasons for signing

  • My uncle was there, and it is entirely possible that another one or more of my family will need it, I would like to know it will be there for them.
  • My husband and I lived with, and cared for my mother for several years in her own home. Without the day care centre I would not have been able to go to work. A befriending scheme could never be an adequate substitute.
  • Thomson Court afforded my Grandmother a measure of kindness and care,that helped her keep active and involved in her final years.The care she received was excellent and the knowledge that this was the case relived me as her 24/7 carer of the enormous responsibility.I really could not have maintained this level of constant care with out them giving me a break.I was and am very grateful for all that they did.


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