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To: Glasgow City Council

Save Whiteinch Library

Do not close this Library

Why is this important?

Whiteinch Library was re-opened January 2022 after closing spring 2020 .Big thanks to campaigner's and supporters who fought to have the last GCC run building in Whiteinch re-opened .

The campaign continues to ensure that the GCC run library remains within the current building and that the building use is maximised as a community hub.

The Library is a precious resource for the local community. It is accessed by local schools and nurseries and provides access to computers and internet and assistance to those who don't have access to these resources.

It is an old building and should be preserved. Unlike the town hall adjacent which is a listed building which is disused and in terrible disrepair. To receive emails from the petition ensure you tick the box giving permission.

Regular updates can be found via the Facebook campaign page "save whiteinch library "

How it will be delivered

The petition is being used as part of a body of evidence that is being presented to national & local polititions , local government etc to show the strength of opposition against not only moving the library to a reduced service elsewhere but to keep the library within the last used Victorian building within Whiteinch.

Whiteinch, Glasgow G14, UK

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