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To: David Horne, MD Virgin Trains East Coast, Martin Griffiths CEO Stagecoach

Save York Station Ticket Office and Staffing Levels.

01/01/18 We Won!

I wanted to share the good news with you that Virgin have listened to customers concerns and that their plans to revamp the station will include retaining a traditional ticket office. I think this shows the effectiveness of "people power". The local paper published an article about the petition after it was launched in July and another article about the successful outcome on Monday, 1st January.

Save York Station Ticket Office and Staffing Levels.

We urge VTEC to retain the ticket office and staffing levels in the Travel Centre at York Station; continue providing an excellent customer service and retain the knowledge and expertise of the staff to enable them to assist customers with planning routes. Also the aesthetics of the heritage Grade 2 listed station building should be preserved.

Why is this important?

The Travel Centre at York Station is a centre of excellence with highly professional, knowledgeable, friendly staff but Virgin Trains East Coast, (VTEC), have announced plans to “revamp” York Station including the Travel centre. VTEC want:

New shops and a first class lounge.

An open plan “customer zone” in the Travel Centre with fewer ticket staff and more ticket machines.

Staff will no longer sit behind counters but sell tickets with hand held devices or help customers to use ticket machines.

If staff numbers are cut, queues could grow longer because:

Many passengers dislike using machines and prefer a face to face service.

Some people cannot use a machine and need assistance including those with disabilities e.g.: physical and learning disabilities; visual impairments and mental health problems

People need advice about routes, timetables and fares. Rail services across the UK are fragmented, therefore passengers rely on the knowledge and expertise of the staff. Hand held devices would be inadequate for this.

Some people prefer paying cash over a counter. Not all people use credit or debit cards.

York has a large number of foreign visitors; some struggle to read English.

There are also fears that the introduction of more shops will compromise the aesthetics of the historic, grade-two listed building

York Railway Station, Station Road, York

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Petition is successful with 2,762 signatures

2018-01-01 12:17:57 +0000

Happy New Year to you. Virgin have listened to peoples concerns and have revised their plans to include retaining a traditional ticket office at York Railway Station. This is a victory for people power. You may wish to read the online news article:
A big thank you to everyone who signed the petition,
Best wishes from Susan

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