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Join Lush York and say 'NO!' to Fracking

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Sara Hepworth
Join Lush York and say 'NO!' to Fracking

Back local people in blocking access to land which developers have already bought the rights to drill for coal bed methane.

Why is this important?

Fracking is being sold to the population of the UK as a way to access valuable fuels and lower energy prices. This is NOT the case.

It would take a network of 9 MILLION rigs within the UK to be an effective way of sourcing fuel. Land which is used for fracking has no value afterwards and is so damaged by the process it can not be used for other purposes. Nearby homes would lose their value, to the extent that home owners will be unable to insure their houses or sell them.

Communities are being sold the lie of fracking providing employment for many. As fracking wells are only operational for 2/4 years, any jobs will be short lived. There is also the issue of health problems resulting from working with dangerous chemicals which are an unknown quantity in terms of how they will affect those working with them.

The over riding concern is that of environmental impact. The well pads will cover swathes of land all over leaving them barren and useless once they have 'served their purpose'. Fracking uses ENORMOUS volumes of water which is so heavily contaminated after being used in the process they can not be moved, let alone used. Methane which is a large component of natural gas is toxic - and all the wells bored for fracking will leak eventually. Large vehicles will be backwards and forwards to the sites, impacting on local communities. Air quality will be affected and there will be a great deal of noise produced by the drilling and extraction.

Fracking will not provide the answer to our energy problems - but it will affect the lives of many if we allow it to go ahead. Coal Bed Methane planning applications have been approved at Wigginton Cottage Farm and Wood Farm in Shipton-by-Beningbrough. We need the local community to be aware of the risks related to fracking so that they can take action.

How it will be delivered

We plan to contact Hugh Bayley & express our concerns. We will probably email the appropriate department at CYC.

York, United Kingdom

Reasons for signing

  • The UK government should be looking to invest in green/free energy, rather then contaminating our land and water.
  • York Council appears completely ignorant of the dangers and immenancy of FRACKING in York, so it is up to the public to fight this ludicrousy. Osbourne and co. will become rich, while the rest of us lie in putrid squalor forever. Your house won't be worth living in.
  • important!!!!


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