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To: Vale of Glamorgan Planning Department

Say No!! To Holiday Park being set up Next to Ty Hafan Hospice and Beechwood Centre

Refuse the application made by Mr Danter to build a Holiday Camp on land he has purchased, which is situated between Ty Hafan Children's Hospice and Beechwood College.

Why is this important?

We the people of the Vale of Glamorgan implore the Vale Planning Committee to refuse the application made by Mr Danter to build a Holiday Camp on land he has purchased.

This land is situated beside Ty Hafan Children's Hospice and used by families with very sick children who have life limiting illnesses. These children and their families very much need the beauty, peace and tranquillity that the hospice and its grounds give at the worst times of their journeys. They do not need the noise that will come from people in a camp (shouting, screaming, laughing, possibly also music playing loudly), when their child is dying. Also the increase of traffic and possibly, lost holiday makers turning up at the hospice, and inquisitive holiday makers trespassing onto the grounds from the front and back of the site.

On the other side you have Beechwood College, school for Autistic young people, who again do not cope well with noise of any description and may be put at risk with the increase of traffic brought to this peaceful area. There are many other more suitable areas that could be considered in order to bring back a Holiday Camp or Hotel to the Town of Barry, but not at the expense of the wonderful work Ty Hafan has provided to families enduring the most challenging times, or to Beechwood College and the fantastic work they are doing.

I write this from the heart, having experienced the wonderful place Ty Hafan is and the loss of our brave little Grandson. How upsetting and devastating it is to think it would even be considered to put a Holiday Camp in this location.

As a family, we have experienced first hand the wonderful work Ty Hafan do and how special the beautiful, tranquil grounds are to sit in and reflect on the pain of the journey being gone through - and in some cases the loss of a dear child, as we lost our Darling Grandson.

We are forever grateful for the love and support Ty Hafan gave and still give to not only our family but many many others.

Please God that no one reading this has to experience what we and many other families have to experience in losing a dear child. And I can tell you that the very last thing we would have wanted to hear at that time would be holiday makers loudly enjoying themselves, screaming, shouting, laughing, or heavy machinery digging and increased traffic noise when your world is ending or ended.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please say No.
Hayes Rd, Sully, UK

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